We are currently in the process of having a professionally created website, please bear with us while we make this change.

Thank you for understanding,

Alas! A New Project


There are some things happening here at LPS. While all is quiet on the homefront, there is still a lot of things happening behind the scenes.

While I cannot give too much detail of the current project at hand, I can say that there is a lot of work going into it. There's a lot going into it as in terms of mechanics, as well as work on art and design (my favorite).

Like most indie games, this project will be made in Unity (version 2017.2). After this project is completed, Devon and I are looking to use Unreal Engine 4 for an even bigger, more ambitious project.

We'll be sure to keep you updated on anything and everything that happens.

Happy hunting!
- Thomas (Art & Design Director)

The official logo of Liquid Phantom Studios


LPS is up and running!

Finally! After all of the hard work on mine and Thomas's part, we can actually say that we have a website up and running.

We now have a place of our own to post our progress, hardships, ideas, and more. Not only that, but everyone can comment on and post their ideas to help with the development process. 
(To be fair, this is more of a test post). Since everything is seemingly working, why not celebrate a bit? 
Party at my place, anyone?